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Our history makes us the best alternative on the market in healthcare solutions. Our proudly Ecuadorian company extends its services throughout the country. We have technology, transportation, stock and unique services for events or buildings.



About us

SANIGROUP SC provides rental services, sales and maintenance of portable toilets to the sectors of construction, industry and events in general. We also provide cleaning services and maintenance of septic tanks. Comply processes in the cleaning and maintenance of portable toilets efficiently and safely with high hygiene standards by qualified staff and equipment. [/ Icon]

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Reasons to choose

Our Portable toilets can be located anywhere necessary, do not need water or sewer connections and most importantly avoid investing time and money in temporary sanitary buildings. [/ icon] [/ tab] [/ tabset]

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SANIGROUP estrena Blog.

Bienvenidos a nuestra sección de noticias y novedades, SANIGROUP compartirá con nuestros clientes, nuestra presencia, novedades, consejos y características de servicio o productos por este medio….

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John F Roses

Actually the cleaning system has been very efficient, I received a notice to my phone when the work was complete. [/ testimonial]

Victor L Farias

I had no problems in applying a large amount in sanitizing solution for my event in the field, everything went uneventfully, and the guests felt very comfortable. [/ testimonial] [ / testimonial_set] [/ content_box] [/ one_half]

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